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Window Air Conditioner Through The Wall -
Trim Details

Building the rough opening was the easy part... the trim, the A/C mounting methods and the cold-weather cover were the hard part..


Working Safely On A Steep Roof
With Roof Jacks And Planks

The proper way to work on a steep roof is to install roof scaffolding consisting of metal brackets (roof jacks) and 2x10 planks. 


Installing Baseboard The Right Way...
Using Coped Corners

Cope-cut ends are more work than simple miter-cut ends, but the results are far superior.


Installing Foam Insulation On A Sloped Ceiling (Or Walls)

Before hanging drywall, there is an opportunity to improve energy efficiency for a modest investment. 

Most Popular Deck And Outdoor Projects:
Build A Basic Deck

Build A Basic Deck

This simple deck project involved handrails and stairs.


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