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Electrical Questions:

There's a buzzing sound coming from the dimmer switch or the light fixture. What's the deal?

How can a single electrical box to changed to a double?

Many of the lights in our house are flickering. Is this a problem?

Why do some of my fluorescent lights flicker when the switch is off?

What is the proper height for a range hood?

Kitchen & Bath Questions:

Our old kitchen wall cabinets were only 10 inches above the counter. What is the proper height for wall cabinets?

What is the proper height for a range hood?

Refinishing laminate cabinets in a mobile home...

How far should the toilet drain flange be from the back wall?

Any suggestions about fixing a loose ceramic tile in a shower?

Towel bar seems to be attached but falls off when a couple of towels are added.

We'd like to add a bathroom in the basement. Must we install an expensive "flush-up" toilet?

There's a window over the bath tub, and tile going on the walls, how should they meet?

Tub drain plugged. How is the "push-pull" stopper removed?

Water drips from bathroom exhaust fan...

Interior Questions:

The drywall has diagonal cracks over some doorways. Is there a foundation problem?

I'd like to touch-up the finish on my kitchen cabinets and millwork. Any thoughts?

Any suggestions about finishing bare wood basement stairs?

Drywall problem: small circles of paint peeling off. What's up?

Can I lay tile over a painted concrete floor?

Thoughts on finishing a basement.

Framing & Foundation Questions:

Fixing a sagging floor. Should the joists be sistered, or a beam installed in the middle of the span, or both?

Questions about methods of finishing basements.

What's the correct length for deck screws? Should the holes be pre-drilled?

A corner of a house has settled. Can it be raised up? CAUTION - A HEAVY-DUTY PROJECT!

I'm planning on raising my house 3 feet above the old foundation. Some questions...

Our basement doesn't have enough headroom. Any ideas about excavating a basement deeper?

Can you share some thoughts on the debate between crawl space foundations and slab foundations?

Old concrete steps are crumbling. Can they be removed without trouble?.

Most Popular Deck And Outdoor Projects:
Build A Basic Deck

Build A Basic Deck

This simple deck project involved handrails and stairs.


Exterior Questions:

Can my roof be re-shingled in winter?

How is roofing done in the valleys?

What type of paint should be used for a steel exterior door?

Window replacement: What type of wood for exterior trim?









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