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HammerZone's HandyManly Gift Guide

By Bruce W. Maki, Editor

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What If He's Already Got That Tool?...

Budget Gifts:

Gift Ideas - Tools Under $10:

  • Set of air tool accessories (air hose, quick-disconnect fittings, blow gun, etc.)
  • Inexpensive toolboxes, plastic or metal (I keep several empty toolboxes around so I can organize my tools and supplies when the whim strikes me.)



LED Flashlights:

I like this small multi-LED flashlight that I bought for about $7 at a local auto parts store.

Here's a similar product on, sold as a 3-pack: Neiko Super-Bright 9-LED Heavy-Duty Compact Aluminum Flashlight, 3-Pack, Gunmetal, Jet-Black, Blue

LED flashlight.

LED keychain flashlight.

Small LED Flashlight Keychain:

About 5 years ago I bought this keychain flashlight at my local CarQuest auto parts store. I always have a small flashlight in my pocket, which is very handy. About a year ago the battery finally died. This thing lasted a long time.

I also bought some similar Husky keychain flashlights at Home Depot... but the key ring broke off the flashlight after 2 days in my pocket. How Disappointing.


LED Lights From Amazon
Under $10

Folding Utility Knife:

This Craftsman folding knife has worked well for me. It uses ordinary utility knife blades, and you can store a couple of spare blades in the handle.

I would also suggest this knife from Milwaukee 48-22-1901 Fastback Flip Open Utility Knife

Craftsman folding utility knife.

Pack of 100 utility knife blades.

100 Pack of Utility Knife Blades. Any serious handyman will appreciate this jumbo pack of utility knife blades. He'll always have enough.


I like these carpenter's nail pouches. I can clip these to my pocket or my carpenter's tool belt and easily carry fasteners or a few small tools.


Parts bins that hang on wall.

These small parts bins from Home Depot are excellent for storing things on a wall. The black strips mount to the wall and the bins just hang on the strips. You can buy several sets and connect the mounting strips together to make a long row of bins.

Also available in a larger size. I have about 20 sets of these bins. I use them in my garage, my basement, and in my enclosed utility trailer.


Covered parts storage organizers are useful. I have dozens of parts organizers like this.

Parts organizer with lid.


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What If He's Already Got That Tool?...

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