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$50 To $100
Gift Ideas For Handy Guys


HammerZone's HandyManly Gift Guide

By Bruce W. Maki, Editor

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Serious Gifts:

Gift Ideas - $50 to $100 Tools:

  • Power tools: If you know what tools he wants, there are lots of options in this price range.
  • Dremel Variable Speed Rotary Tool. Very handy for cutting small metal parts, rusted nuts, old nails, etc. I use this for sharpening drill bits and saw blades.
  • 6" Bench Grinder: A very useful tool, especially when a wire wheel is used on one side, which is great for cleaning rust and gunk from metal parts. One candidate is the DeWalt 6" Bench Grinder from Amazon.



Rolling Work Cart:

I like this work cart from Sam's Club (about $50). I use this cart in my garage, basement, or whatever room I'm working on.

Rolling work cart from Sam's Club.

Rolling work scaffold.

Portable Folding Scaffold:

This rolling scaffold lets me reach up to a 9-foot ceiling. It also makes a good mobile workbench, and (in a pinch) a decent miter saw stand.


Pneumatic Nail Guns:

I have many different nail guns, but this Craftsman 1-1/2 inch 18 gauge stapler/brad nailer is the pneumatic nailer I use the most.

Craftsman 1.5" 18 gauge stapler/brad  nailer.

Air Tools From Amazon
Under $100
2" Brad Nailer
2" Brad Nailer
1-1/2" Stapler
Micro Pinner

Craftsman economy tool storage.

Tool Storage:

While I'm showing 3 separate tool chests here, any one of these components would make a great gift, and might be available for less than $100, depending on the brand.


Label maker and label tapes.

I got this Brother labelmaker many years ago as a Christmas gift, and I love being able to print out neat, professional labels for all sorts of purposes... such as the drawers on my tool chests.

Brother labelmaker and label tapes.


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What If He's Already Got That Tool?...

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