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$25 To $50
Gift Ideas For Handy Guys


HammerZone's HandyManly Gift Guide

By Bruce W. Maki, Editor

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Mid-Priced Gifts:

Gift Ideas - $25 to $50 Tools And Things:


Folding Aluminum Bench:

I like this folding bench from Home Depot (about $35). This bench can hold 225 pounds and is high enough that I can easily work on an 8-foot ceiling.

Folding aluminum bench, work platform.

Premium folding steel sawhorses.

Premium Folding Sawhorses:

These heavy-gauge steel sawhorses fold into a very compact space, much smaller than the Ebco sawhorses. Best given in pairs. About $25 each.


LED Lights From Amazon

Roller stands. Best given in pairs.

Roller stands are very helpful for any handy person who owns a table saw, router table, or planer.

Work support stands with roller top.

Rigid Flip-Top work support stand.

Rigid® Flip-Top material support stand. Best given in pairs.

These support stands are an alternative to roller stands. The top can be held flat by a pin, or pin can be moved so the top flips from nearly vertical to flat when a piece of wood bumps into it, as when running long wood through a table saw. It works pretty good... but I still use my roller stands too.

I use these stands beside my miter saw to support long pieces of wood.


This infrared temperature measuring tool is awesome. It gives an instant reading of an object's temperature, without touching the object. It also has a laser pointer.

I bought this at Sears in 2003. Newer versions of this tool employ a pistol-style design with the readout on the back, which is easier to read.

Caution: Keep this tool away from children who might be tempted to play with the laser pointer and shine it in someone's eyes, which can cause vision damage.


Infra-Red Thermometers From Amazon

Laser torpedo level.

A laser level is a good tool for a handy person who wants precision in their layout work. This is a laser torpedo level... it makes 3 spots that are perpendicular to each other.

There are other laser levels that cast a red line instead of a spot.



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