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$10 To $25
Gift Ideas For Handy Guys


HammerZone's HandyManly Gift Guide

By Bruce W. Maki, Editor

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What If He's Already Got That Tool?...

Budget Gifts:

Gift Ideas - Tools $10 to $25:

  • Set of air tool accessories (air hose, quick-disconnect fittings, blow gun, etc.)
  • Carpenter's tool belt.
  • Hearing Protection... Possibly a risky gift idea... some guys don't feel manly wearing earmuffs... just talk quietly and point out his hearing loss.


LED Flashlights / Trouble Light:

I like this rechargeable LED flashlight from Sam's Club. This flashlight is similar to the traditional "trouble light" often used by mechanics, except that it's cordless, it can stand up (it even has a magnetic base), and if you drop this light it doesn't have a hot bulb to shatter and start a fire.

LED flashlight, trouble-light style, rechargeable.

1/4" hex screwdriver bit set.

Bit Sets:

A set of 1/4" hex screwdriver bits (shown) or drill bits is usually appreciated by any handy person.


LED Lights From Amazon

Ebco folding sawhorses. Best given in pairs.

I added the piece of 2x4 myself. I have at least 6 pairs of these sawhorses, and I use them all the time.

Ebco folding light-steel sawhorses.

Quick-Grip bar clamps.

Quik-Grip bar clamps are a good gift idea, but they are kinda expensive.


Similar clamps can sometimes be found in large sets like this, but they aren't name-brand.

These have worked well for me so far. The plastic spring clamps work great.

Set of various clamps.

Tape measure, Stanley FatMax.

An extra tape measure is welcomed by most handymen.


A halogen work light makes a good gift, even if the guy already has one.

Halogen work light, twin head.

Non-contact voltage detector.

This non-contact voltage tester is a tool that I use frequently. I paid $13 for this tool in 2002 or 03.

You simply place the tip of the tester next to a wire and press the metal pocket clip. If the circuit is live, the device chirps and a red light blinks.


LED Lights From Amazon
Under $10


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What If He's Already Got That Tool?...

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