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Gift Ideas
For Handy Guys

But... What If He's Already Got That ?

HandyManly Gift Guide

By Bruce W. Maki, Editor

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Merry Multiples:

Gifts That Are Okay To Duplicate:

  • Power Strips: Those 6-outlet strips with surge protection or a built-in circuit breaker. Everyone needs more. This seems like a lame gift, but a truly handy guy will appreciate something so useful and often overlooked.
  • Extension Cords, especially heavy-duty 14 gauge or 12 gauge cords.
  • Eye Protection: It's good to have extra safety glasses... if there are plenty available then he doesn't have to look far. Now he'll have no excuse for working unprotected.
  • Bungee Cords in various lengths.
  • Gift Cards from stores like Lowe's, Home Depot, Sears, Menard's, etc.



Everyone can use more flashlights, especially LED flashlights.

LED flashlight.

LED keychain flashlight.

Small LED Flashlight Keychain:

The tiny battery in these lasts a long time.


LED Lights From Amazon
Under $10

Parts Organizers:

If he seems to have everything, he probably needs more places to store all that stuff.

I think it's best if you can match the size and style he already owns, because too many mixed types can create more confusion and clutter.

Parts organizer with lid.

Basic metal toolbox.

Inexpensive plastic or metal toolboxes

I keep several empty toolboxes around so I can organize my tools and supplies when the whim strikes me.


Ebco folding sawhorses. Best given in pairs.

I added the piece of 2x4 myself. I have at least 6 pairs of these sawhorses, and I use them all the time.


Twin-head halogen work light.

Work Lights:

A halogen work light makes a good gift, even if the guy already has one.


Roller stands:

Best given in pairs.

Roller stands are very helpful for any handy person who owns a table saw, router table, or planer.

I have two pairs of roller stands, but I can see how a serious woodworker could use many pairs of roller stands.

Roller stands for woodworkers.

Steel shelf units.

Work Lights:

A halogen work light makes a good gift, even if the guy already has one.



Also See:  Index... Under $10... $10 to $25... $25 to $50...
$50 to $100... $100+...

And Then:

HammerZone's Favorite


Gift Suggestion:




Quick-Grip bar clamps come in many lengths and sizes. Very useful for home improvement and woodworking projects.

A serious handy person could find uses for a dozen of these.

Quick-Grip bar clamps.

Bar clamp.

Conventional bar clamps are a lower-priced (but slower) alternative to Quick-Grip clamps.

I have about 30 of these, ranging in length from 12 inches to 36 inches.


Woodworker's clamps are somewhat useful, even for non-woodworkers.

I own a couple of these. I use them a couple of times a year, maybe.

Woodworker's clamp.

Ratcheting hand clamp.

These ratcheting clamps are handy.

Like the wood clamps, I own a couple of these. I use them once in a while.


Plain Old C-Clamps:

I don't know of any clamp that can exert as much squeezing force as a C-clamp. These are very useful for home improvement, woodworking, auto repairs, metal-working, welding, etc.


Spring clamp, metal.

Spring clamps are one the most useful clamps available. Spring clamps range in size from tiny one-inch long mini-clothes-pins to big 8-inch monsters.

Spring clamps make a great can't-go-wrong gift for the true handyman. For about 5 years in a row, my mother bought me bunches of spring clamps for Christmas gifts. It became an annual gag-gift that I loved. I probably have 100 spring clamps between my garage, basement, truck and tool trailer.


Maybe a set of clamps like this would be the ideal gift for the handy guy who has everything.

Set of spring clamps and bar clamps.

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