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The Perils Of Procrastination When Your Car
Needs Major Engine Repairs

Doing It Yourself means you need to find time to actually start the project... [More]


Conduit Capers: What Can Happen When You Have A Big Conduit Between The House And Garage

In an old house I once lived in, we ran a big 4-inch conduit between the house and detached garage. The idea was to allow various utilities to be run between the buildings, such as air hoses, phone lines, computer network wiring, etc. But much more can enter your house if that conduit is left uncapped... [More]


The Rains And Sprains Were Conquered By My Drains

Guest editorial by Ron Simpson of Missoula Montana, about battling the annual spring thaw that perennially floods basements and wreaks havoc in the Wild West.... [More]


The Philosophy Of Storage And Stuff

Some thoughts on ways to organize your garage, workshop, or storage rooms to maximize the amount of stuff you can hoard... [More]


Opportunities Lost During Remodeling

Over the years I have seen many remodeling projects where the homeowner or contractor had removed the drywall, siding or flooring and passed up many good opportunities. Whenever a surface finish is removed there is almost always a chance to repair, upgrade, improve or enhance the things that lie beneath the surface... [More]


The Five Categories Of Handymanlyness

I wrote this many years ago to explain the "Skill Level" that I assign to most articles on Yet this also helps explain the progression of skills and types of DIY projects that many people undergo as the tackle more home improvement projects... [More]


Slab Foundation vs. Crawl Space vs. Full Basement

My reply to a question about the merits of slab foundation compared to a crawl space foundation. I'm not the best person to ask... I'm biased against both types... [More]


Men, Women, And Fear Of Power Tools

My ramblings about the intimidation some people feel when using dangerous tools, and how they overcome their fears... [More]

Read one woman's reply to this rant.


Great Moments In The Evolution Of Toilet Technology

Over the centuries mankind has made many improvements to the ways we deal with our waste. One company took the idea even further... [More]


Pipes Behind Plaster: Recipe For Disaster

Problems that can arise when water pipes are sealed up behind drywall... [More]

Most Popular Deck And Outdoor Projects:
Build A Basic Deck

Build A Basic Deck

This simple deck project involved handrails and stairs.











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