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Replacing An Air Compressor Single Outlet With Two Outlets

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A tee fitting is added to the standard air compressor outlet, and quick disconnect couplings installed so 2 air hoses can be used at once.

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Skill Level: 1-2 (Basic Plumbing) Time Taken: About 20 Minutes

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An air compressor is an essential part of HammerZone's workshop. But... I was getting tired of switching air tools all the time, or having to drag the air hose outdoors to blow the dust off something.

So I decided to alter the outlet piping to allow for two air hoses to be connected at the same time. 


Single air hose connection that is standard equipment on most air compressors. This is the female quick-disconnect that has been the only outlet on this compressor for many years.

Note that most compressors don't come with a quick disconnect fitting, just a ¼" NPT male fitting.


I removed the female coupling with a pair of wrenches. Removing quick-connect air hose connector.


I applied some pipe thread compound to the male fitting and screwed the ¼" tee onto the male threads.


Then I installed a 4" nipple to one part of the tee.

I only needed small pipe wrenches to tighten these small diameter fittings. It's easy to over-tighten the pipe and strip the threads.


I installed a shorter nipple on the other opening of the tee.


Then I installed a female quick-disconnect on the end of each nipple.

I don't know why I didn't do this a couple of years ago.

Now I leave a blow gun attached to one air hose, and the other hose is used for nailers, impact wrenches or whatever air tool I might be using.



Tools Used:

  • Small Pipe Wrenches (2)
  • Pipe Thread Comound
  • Open-end Wrenches


Materials Used:

  • Nipples, ¼" NPT, 2" long, 4" long.
  • Tee, ¼" NPT
  • Female Quick-Disconnect Fittings



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Written January 12, 2004