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Installing asphalt roof shingles around a plumbing vent.

New Roof Details:

Installing Shingles Around A  Roof Penetration

A Vent Flange Provides A Flexible And Water-Tight Seal Between The Roof And A Plumbing Vent Pipe

In This Article:

Shingles are cut to fit around the plastic vent flange that fits over a plumbing vent pipe.

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Skill Level:
2-3 (Basic + )
Time Taken:
About 10 Minutes
Project Date:
October 2000
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Roof Meets Plumbing Vent:
Plastic and rubber vent flange set in place over plumbing vent pipe.


When the rows of shingles reached the plumbing vent penetration, the vent flange (red arrow) was set in place.




The shingles were cut with a pair of tin snips. (This shingle was laid over top just for purposes of measuring.)

Shingle in row below vent pipe is trimmed to fit.



Shingle below vent pipe is nailed in place.

The first row of cut shingles was nailed in place. The flange goes over top of these shingles.




The next row of shingles were cut to fit around the dome of the flange.

Roof shingle at same level as vent pipe has notch cut into it.



Notched roof shingle is set in place to test the fit over vent flange.

I set the notched shingle in place to test the fit over the vent flange.

This row of shingles goes over top of the flange.

In essence, the flange acts like a shingle itself... it lays on top of the shingles below it, and underneath the shingles above.




On The BACK Of The Shingle:

We applied a bead of roofing tar near the edge of the U-shaped cut in this shingle.

Roof cement is applied to underside of notched shingle.



More roof cement (tar) is applied between notched shingle and plastic vent flange.

We also applied a bead of tar between the cut edge and the dome of the vent flange.






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We installed another row of shingles above the vent flange.

Some roofers prefer to apply shingles over the black plastic space below the dome. My belief is that putting shingles there only slows down the flow of water and might contribute to a leak someday. I'd sooner leave the area below the dome free and clear so water can exit quickly.

Another row of roof shingles is installed above the vent flange, with a smaller notch.



Subsequent rows of shingle are installed, with no need for notches over vent flange.

The completed vent flange in a roof full of shingles.



More Info:
Tools Used:
  • Pneumatic Roofing Nail Guns
  • Air Compressor
  • Tin Snips
  • Tape Measure
  • Hammer
  • Caulk Gun
Materials Used:
  • Shingles
  • Roofing Nails
  • Vent Flange
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