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Range Hood Height

I'm sure all the tips on installing cabinets are great...but I need dimensions. My 30 inch range sits next to my refrigerator, in a cove that's 76 inches wide. The fridge is 67.5 inched high. I want to install a cabinet to go over the fridge and the range, with the bottom of the cabinet the correct distance from the floor, to be able to install an over the range microwave oven with a built in range hood under the cabinet. 

Can you give me the dimension from the floor for a standard installation of this type?


According to "Time Saver Standards For Interior Design And Space Planning" published by McGraw-Hill, the bottom of a range hood should be minimum of 60 inches above the floor, or 24 inches above the stove top (which is typically 36" high).

So you can add your built-in microwave/range hood height (which is probably 12 to 16 inches) to that dimension and arrive at the height of the bottom of the wall cabinet that supports the microwave.

Another thing to consider is the height of the likely users. Will you be able to see the back burners when there is a range hood at 60" above the floor and sticking out from the wall about 12 to 14 inches? Some tall people may want to raise the hood higher to accommodate their height.

The same book says that the average person can comfortably reach 75 inches high. 

From my experience the top of the standard wall cabinet is usually 84 inches (7 feet).


Bruce W. Maki, Editor.




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Compiled May 30, 2001