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Towel Bar Falls Off

Folks: The metal bracket that should hold my towel bar is firmly anchored to the wall. However, the set screw in the towel bar refuses to do its job, and when the weight of a couple of towel is applied, the whole bar comes off, leaving just the bracket. Any suggestions?


Tim in Texas

I am very familiar with the problem. Often those towel bar end pieces are inexpensive castings and there is a groove that the wall-mounted cup-shaped bracket fits into.

These grooves in the casting are often not big enough and the edge of the cup can't get inside. My solution is to use a triangle-shaped file and file out the groove a bit, so the cup's edge can fit.

I have seen this problem so many times I can't count them.


Bruce W. Maki, Editor.



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Compiled June 29, 2001