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Toilet Location

I am installing a new toilet in what used to be a closet. My question is: How far off of the back wall, should I locate the drain ring in the floor ?


Steve S

Standard toilets will fit properly when the distance between the wall and the center of the toilet flange is 12 inches. There are special toilets that will fit with the above dimension at 10 inches, but these toilets can be hard to find.

What I do is set the center of the flange around 12.5" from the finished wall, or 13" from the bottom plate of the wall (since often the rough plumbing is done long before the drywall is installed).

It really helps to have a little extra room, but if you leave too much space you'll lose things behind the toilet. I find that 1/2" to 1" of extra space to be just right. You may need some of that space when you attempt too make the toilet tank level.


Bruce W. Maki, Editor.



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Compiled October 25, 2001