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Yard & Outdoor Projects
Dirt Cleaner:

Building A Soil Sifter To
Remove Rocks And Debris

A simple frame of treated 2x4's with 1/4" hardware cloth makes a quick sieve to catch the chunks and let the good stuff through.

Fence Projects:

Building A Basic Fence From Pre-Made Sections

We built a fence to make a dog kennel, leaving gaps between the pickets so the critters could see their surroundings (and bark at everything).


Pre-Assembling Fence Sections With A Jig

We spent a little time to rig up a jig for quickly laying out the fence pickets.


Cutting Simple Dog-Eared Fence Pickets

A simple set-up on the miter saw allows for fast production of pickets with snipped corners.



Extending A Privacy Fence With
Wood Lattice Panels

When a solid 6-foot fence isn't high enough, extend the fence with tight-pattern lattice set into custom-made frames.


Building Custom Lattice From
Thin Wood Slats

All we needed was a little panel of lattice. Instead of buying a whole sheet, we just built a panel from slats.


Building A Small Gate For A Backyard Fence

A 3-foot wide gate with a diagonal cross-brace is easy to build and hang.


Building An 8-Foot Wide Gate

I needed a gate big enough to drive a car through.


Setting A 6x6 Post To Support A Wide Gate

The heavy 8-foot gate needed a serious post and hinges to support all that weight.


HandyManly Fun:

Moving A Garden Shed Across The Backyard

The homeowner needed a shed moved, so I braced it and towed it across the yard with my truck.


Build An Outdoor Workbench:

I added legs and braces to an old table top to make an outdoor workbench.

Most Popular Deck And Porch Projects:
Build A Basic Deck

Build A Basic Deck

This simple deck project involved handrails and stairs.


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