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Installing Kitchen Cabinets:

Installing Kitchen Base Cabinets

We started in a corner and fastened several base cabinets together by driving screws through the face frames. Then the connected cabinets are shimmed at the floor and screwed to the wall.


Installing A Laminate Kitchen Counter

Laminate counter installation is simple: Joint the mitered corners together and attach to the base cabinets... but only of everything works as planned.


Installing Kitchen Wall Cabinets - Part 1 - Hanging A Group Of Cabinets

Wall cabinets are screwed together to form a group, lifted into place, shimmed to be level and plumb, then screwed to the wall studs.



Installing Kitchen Wall Cabinets - Part 2 -
Hanging A Single Wall Cabinet

A single wall cabinet is lifted into position, leveled, and screwed to the wall framing.


Installing Kitchen Wall Cabinets - Part 3 -
Tall Divider Panel & Cabinets Over The
Refrigerator And Stove

A tall divider panel is connected to the wall and base cabinets, and more cabinets are installed above the refrigerator. Problems arise with the small cabinet over the stove.



On This Page: Installing Kitchen Cabinets... Kitchen Appliances... Kitchen Sink Plumbing...

Kitchen Appliances:

Installing A New Dishwasher

Necessary holes are drilled in the kitchen cabinets. Electrical connections are made, then plumbing supply and drain lines are connected. Finally, the dishwasher is pushed into place and secured with two screws.


Installing A New Kitchen Food Waste Disposer

A special adapter is installed in the kitchen sink, and the disposal is hung from the adapter. Electrical and plumbing connections are made.


Replacing An Old In-Sink-Erator Food Waste Disposal

The old disposal worked, but had several flaws, including a nasty mildew smell. It was easier to replace this disposal than to fix the problems.


Installing A Non-Venting Kitchen Range Hood

Blocks of wood are added to beef up the cabinet, the range hood is screwed to the cabinet, and the electrical connections are made.


Connecting A Power Cord To An Electric Stove

Many home appliances don't come with a power cord. Connecting a power cord to a stove is straightforward.


Wiring A 50 Amp Outlet For A Stove

Instead of using a bulky surface-mounted range outlet, we installed a large metal junction box during remodeling. After drywall and painting, we installed a big 50 Amp stove outlet. This compact connection allowed the stove to be pushed tight against the wall.


Installing A Water Line For An Icemaker

A saddle valve is used to tap into a cold water line. Then 1/4 inch copper tubing is routed from the basement to the back of the refrigerator.



On This Page: Installing Kitchen Cabinets... Kitchen Appliances... Kitchen Sink Plumbing...

Kitchen Sink Plumbing:

Installing A Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Sealant is applied to the underside of the sink rim and the sink is set into the hole in the countertop. Special clamps are tightened under the sink to secure the sink to the counter.


Installing Drain Baskets In A Stainless Steel Sink

A new sink has big holes in the bottom. To connect to the drain pipe, sink baskets must be installed in those big holes.


Connecting A Kitchen Sink Drain With PVC Slip-Joint Pipes

Metal or plastic slip-joint piping is normally used to connect a sink to the permanent drain pipe. PVC plastic slip-joint pipes are easy to work with, inexpensive, and corrosion-proof.


Fixing A Messed-Up Kitchen Sink Drain

The kitchen sink drain in this old house literally fell apart while the plugged sink was being plungered.

I replaced the drain connections and added an air-admittance valve, which stopped the gurgling sound the sink had always made.


Fixing A Leaking Delta Or Peerless Faucet

After the water is turned off, these faucets can be taken apart to reach the rubber seals that eventually wear out and let water leak past.



On This Page: Installing Kitchen Cabinets... Kitchen Appliances... Kitchen Sink Plumbing...


Building A Custom Valance For A
Fluorescent Strip Light

This odd, old house had only a narrow band of wall above the kitchen window, so a 2-foot fluorescent light was the only economical fixture that fit. To hide the ugly light, I built a valance from clear pine 1-by lumber.


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