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How To Hang A Picture On A Wall

Something as common as hanging a picture requires a little bit of know-how and a few tools.


How To Strip Wallpaper

After wallpaper stripper solution is applied to the wall, some inexpensive special tools are used to peel and scrape off the old wallpaper.



Staining Wood Window Sashes -
Andersen 400 Series

Andersen Tilt-Wash 400 Series windows are removed from the frames. The wood sashes are cleaned up and wood stain is applied with a sprayer. Urethane is applied before the sashes are replaced in the opening.



Installing Basic Horizontal Window Blinds

Quick n easy: Install the plastic end brackets and the middle support bracket, set the blinds in place and complete a few details.



Stripping Varnish From Old Hardwood Trim

We applied paint stripper with a brush, waited, scrubbed, and then rinsed with hot water.


Refinishing Old Furniture

We took an old dresser and turned into a showpiece. Turns out, it was a quality piece of furniture after all.

Stripping The Finish...
Sanding And Prep Work...
Wood Finishing With A Sprayer...
Renewing Old Brass Hardware...
Adjusting An HVLP Spray Gun...
Spray Locations - Some Thoughts...



Insulating A Sloped Ceiling With Rigid Foam Insulation

The sloped ceiling in the second floor only had R-11 fiberglass insulation, so I added a layer of 3/4 inch foam to reduce heat loss. It made a big difference.


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