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A brief discussion of the features of the Varathane ezV random-orbital floor sander.

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When I rented the Varathane® ezV® floor sander from Lowes the handle was in the upright position.


To move the handle to the operating position, I removed this big pin.


I lifted the handle up and set it onto the other steel block.


This is the ezV sander with the handle in the operating position


To change the sandpaper discs, the handle is lowered to the floor.


There are three sanding heads. Each head spins while the entire assembly rotates. The result is a sanding job that has no waves and few scratches.


Changin sandpaper on Varathane ezV floor sander. The "Velcro"-backed sandpaper discs just peel off.


Emptying The Dust Bag:

Eventually the dust collector gets full. The vacuum may sound different, or it may leave dust on the floor. When using 36 grit paper, I found it necessary to empty the dust bag after about 30 to 45 minutes of sanding. While using 50 or 80 grit, the bag didn't fill up nearly as fast.

The vacuum collector hose can be pulled from the top of the canister.


There are two latches on the side of the canister top.


The canister top lifts off the vacuum. The black bag holds the dust.


The dust collector bag pulls straight off the tube.

Note the white plastic flap. That keeps the dust from falling out of the bag after removal. The flap needs to be open and pointing up when the bag is pushed back onto the tube.


The bottom of the bag is held closed by a plastic U-shaped clip.

To empty the dust bag, the clip is slid sideways.

Suggestion: Do this over a trash can. Even better, place the trash can in front of an exhaust fan blowing air out of the room. Or... empty the bag outdoors.


The filter sock is held in place with a red plastic ring.

This ring is simply pressed in place, to remove it you just pull it upwards.


The red ring has a taper on one edge. The tapered edge goes down.


Whenever I empty the dust bag I also remove the filter sock and shake out the dust.


I turn the filter sock inside out to clean it.

If possible, I use compressed air to blow the dust off the filter.


Cleaning The ezV Sander:

Before returning the sander to the store, I always give it a thorough cleaning.

This machine was covered with sanding dust after 3 days of use.


For the fastest, easiest and most complete cleaning I use this long blow gun with a small air compressor.

Blowing off the dust is best done outdoors.

After cleaning the dust from the vacuum components, I tip the machine up so I can shoot compressed air around the sanding heads and the rotating base. I can clean this machine in less than 5 minutes.



More Info:

Tools Used:

  • Air Compressor
  • Blow Gun

Materials Used:

  • (None)
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