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Tools For Making Powerful Women



I'm a woman and I just read your article about women, men, fear and power tools. I didn't think it was sexist at all. Because of your web site my husband and I installed about 1200 square feet of BEAUTIFUL select, clear white oak floors. We bought a pneumatic stapler and compressor. We have also bought many other tools in our adventure of having bought a house in August 2002 that needed A LOT of work. We have a circular saw, a table saw, drills, all kinds of wonderful things. 

I definitely think you're on to something about women's being trained in fear and I think you're right about how wonderful it is to work through that fear. I've got to tell you when I first used the table saw I was scared to death--I think I was convinced it was going to jump up and get me. It didn't and we've been very safe. There is an amazing rush of power when you can cut a piece of wood like butter and I think that's also part of what women have been trained to fear--their own power. I became a much more powerful person the day I could use that table saw and that nailer!! The thing I'm fascinated by are all the warnings on power tools--they're scary in themselves. I try to read the instructions so I know how to use the machine and what to look for that might be dangerous but after a while it seems almost scary to use the machines--the warnings seem to me to be overkill.

In addition to learning how to work power tools, I also became a more powerful person because I never knew much about houses before. Now, I know a lot more and feel much more confident about taking care of our house. I have to give a lot of credit to my husband too who is also somewhat intimidated by power tools. He was very patient and has taught me so much. And he'd never done any of this stuff before either.

Anyway, I just wanted to respond to your article and also again to thank you so very much for your very wonderful and generous web site.

Ottilie Young








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Compiled February 19, 2002