Replacing a lever-style lockset. Basic Security:

Replacing A Lever-Style Lockset

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A broken Peachtree brand lever-style lockset is removed and replaced with a new unit.

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Skill Level: 1-2 (Very Basic) Time Taken: About 30 Minutes

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Oops... somehow the handle broke off this door.
The fallen handle: An internal plastic piece had snapped.


I started by removing the two long screws that held the two halves together.
The inside half pulled right off.


I had to use a chisel to pry away the outside half.


The latch was held in place by two small screws, which were removed. Removing old door knob latch.
The latch pulled right out


The deadbolt mechanism was also removed.
The door with all the lock hardware removed.


The replacement lockset. The handle pointed the wrong way for this door, and had to be reversed.
There was a screw in the center of the black plastic part. Once removed, the handle could be taken off.


The lever handle was removed...
... and the other lever was put in it's place. The screw was replaced.


 The outside half, after the handles have been swapped.


The lock cylinder is held in by a single screw.
The new lock cylinder was removed, so the old one could be used instead. This way, the homeowner can use the old keys, and keep the new lock as a spare.


There are several metal tabs in the casting that had to be removed for the unit to fit into the hole in the door.
These tabs were simply broken off with a flat screwdriver.


The new latch and deadbolt mechanisms were installed.
The outside half, back view. Note the metal rods that connect the moving parts together.


The outer half was inserted into the door hole...
...and the connecting rods (red arrow) were aligned with the inside half.


The long screws were installed.
The striker plates: The bottom plate was a special order part, so I left it. I replaced the striker for the deadbolt, just so everything else looked new.


The lockset after installation.

This was pretty easy




Tools Used:

  • Screwdrivers
  • Pliers
  • Chisel

Materials Used:

  • Lockset


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Written January 3, 2000
Revised January 6, 2005