Toilet shutoff valve. Bathroom Plumbing:

Connecting The Water Supply
To A Toilet

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A section of chrome-plated tubing is carefully bent and installed between the stop valve and the toilet water connection.

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Skill Level: 2 (Basic) Time Taken: 30 Minutes

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Water supply and toilet water connection. The toilet had recently been installed. The water supply shut off valve (stop valve) is just above the floor.


The parts used. The white plastic nut was supplied with the toilet (new fill valves also come with this nut). The supply tube was purchased separately. There are several types of supply tubes. This chrome-plated metal tube is the sturdiest, but the hardest to work with.

The compression nut and ferrule (at the bottom) came with the stop valve.

Toilet water supply tube and fittings.


I connected the tube to the toilet, just to see how close it would align with the stop valve. 


Bending tubing is rather tricky. If it is simply bent with bare hands, it can easily kink, and then leak. I don't have a tubing bender, so I used a PVC pipe fitting as a bending guide, in this case a 2" elbow. This actually worked quite well, I was even able to un-bend the tubing a little.


After I had the bends figured out, I cut the tubing to the proper length. There is not much room for error here.


The tubing just before being installed.


The top was connected to the toilet tank. I tightened the nut by hand  and then gave a little extra twist with a pair of Channel-Lock pliers.


The compression nut squeezes the soft brass ferrule, which then molds tightly around the tubing. After being tightened once, the ferrule will not move again.

It's not visible here, but the tubing extends into the body of the stop valve by about 1/4".

Connecting toilet water supply tube to stop valve.


The compression nut was tightened firmly. Excessive force can cause damage to the tubing.


The water was turned on. Now the toilet is half usable (at least for us men-folk). Installing the seat will make it completely usable.


View the Installation Of The Toilet Seat.


Tools Used:

  • Adjustable Wrenches
  • Tubing Cutter
  • PVC Pipe Fitting (As Tubing Bender)

Materials Used:

  • Toilet Supply Tube, Chrome-Plated

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Written August 27, 2000
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