New Kohler Portrait toilet and seat. Bathroom Basics:

Installing A Toilet Seat

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A new toilet seat is installed by tightening the plastic bolts provided.

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Skill Level: 1 (Very Basic) Time Taken: 15 Minutes

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New toilet without seat. A nearly completed toilet installation.

Replacing An Old Toilet Seat?

If an old toilet seat is being replaced, the existing bolts need to be removed. Many newer toilet seats are fastened with plastic bolts and wing nuts, which are easy to remove. However... I have replaced plenty of older toilet seats that were fastened with metal bolts (typically brass) and these can be nearly impossible to unscrew due to corrosion. Most of the time I've had to use a hack saw to either cut through the nuts, or cut the bolts between the nut and the underside of the toilet. A Dremel Moto-Tool with an abrasive cutting disc might also work, although the disc will get gummed up a bit.

This new toilet seat has hinges with fold-down covers that conceal the screws. Installing a new toilet seat, hinges have cover flaps.


Toilet seat hinges. They supply foam pads that stick to the underside of the hinge and help prevent the seat from wiggling and becoming loose.


The seat was placed on the toilet and the nylon screws were inserted in the holes.


Toilet seat mounting bolts. While holding the plastic nut, I turned the screw with a flat blade screwdriver. 


Then the covers just snapped in place.


That's all there is.



Tools Used:

  • Flat Blade Screwdriver

Materials Used:

  • Toilet Seat
  • Plastic Seat Bolts

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Written August 27, 2000
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