Installing a medicine cabinet in a bathroom. Bath Accessories:

Installing A Medicine Cabinet

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After finding the best mounting location, the studs are marked and the medicine cabinet held against the wall. Screws are driven through the cabinet's mounting rail into the studs.

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Skill Level: 2 (Basic) Time Taken: 15 Minutes

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The first step is to determine the placement of the medicine cabinet. I made a mark on the wall where the top of the cabinet should be.

In this case the cabinet is a basic small unit with a single door.


 Next I used a stud finder to locate at least one stud. There was a stud just an inch away from the center of the sink.

Then I marked the center line on the back of the cabinet, and drilled two holes that would line up with the stud.


 I held the cabinet in place and made sure it was close to being level. (Having a helper would have been nice.)

Then I drove in a cabinet mounting screw at the top, using a cordless drill/driver.

Cabinet mounting screws are sturdy screws with a wide pan head. Most cabinet screws have a self-drilling tip, which often eliminates the need to pre-drill a hole.  But pre-drilling at least one hole makes it easy to start a screw, hold the cabinet in place, and then drive the screw with one hand. This is the way I approach things when I don't have a helper.

 With one screw in place I made the cabinet perfectly level and drove in the other screw at the bottom of the cabinet. Two of these long screws are enough to hold a medicine cabinet, as long as the screws get a good bite into a wall stud.


Tools Used:

  • Cordless Drill/Driver
  • Drill Bits
  • Small Level
  • Stud Finder

Materials Used:

  • Medicine Cabinet
  • Cabinet Screws



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Written July 19, 1999
Revised October 19, 2007