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There are multiple options:

1. Utilize Google's Adwords program. This is ideal for smaller ad purchases or where exact traffic verification and performance measurement is desired. Click Here.

2. Use Chitika's price-per-click advertising program. Minimum monthly purchase requirements may be too high for many small businesses.

3. Purchase an advertising program directly from, (providing it does not violate our terms of agreement with Google.)

Highly specialized locations are available. Browse our site and find an article or page you like, and ask for the price. Most articles have room for numerous ads, so placing an effective sequence of ads can be very affordable.


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Bruce W. Maki, Editor and Publisher

Phone: (231) 631-1609
(9:00 am to 9:00 pm Eastern Time)

Administrative Office:

Maki Media Group LLC,
Bruce W. Maki, Editor and Publisher,
212 Griffin Street,
Traverse City, MI 49684

Send your e-mail to:

Bruce W. Maki, Editor and Publisher

  • Please describe your product or service.
  • List (or copy-and-paste) the web addresses of the pages you would like to advertise on.
  • Tell us if you already have advertising materials (banners, text ads, etc.) created.



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